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The Arizona Open  is a croquet tournament hosted by the Arizona Croquet Club.  The first tournament was held in 1983(2?).  The official rules of the United States Croquet Association's (USCA) American Six Wicket Game are used to guide play.  We attract players from all around the country along with their spouses to participate and enjoy this weeklong event.  It is both competitive and social.  We offer two flights of play - both Championship and First Flight and we play both singles and doubles formats in each flight.  Please join us this year as we host the upcoming 23rd Arizona Open.

Each year is a bit different and this year we will not break the tradition.  We are hosting a smaller field than usual and the doubles format is mixed partners with the results of the doubles games collected toward individual single block performance.  All games matter. The one with the best record will advance to the ladder playoff and finals on Saturday, March 12th.  This year's tournament begins Tuesday, March 8th, with Toast and Tally's each evening at Krafts lawn at 5:00 PM.  Come out and watch the play or join us for a cocktail .

Aviv Katz playing at Fournier's lawn during the Arizona Open

Arizona Open History:

prior to 1998

Arizona Closed since 2005

The records of the Closed event have been secret for years -- but now are available here.

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last updated  22 January 2017