British Open Championships

The British Open Croquet Championships  is a long established event which is hosted by the Croquet Association.  
There are both Singles and Doubles Championship titles.  This event was combined together with the WCF World Championship in 2001 - there, in London, I saw Jacques Fournier play against Reg Bamford in the semifinals - Reg went on to win his first (of 4) World Championships against Robert Fulford in game 5 in the best of 5 final.  (There were lots of trophies awarded at the end of this week long event.)  (During this British open, Reg won two games with sextuple peels SXP, which is the 2nd time an SXP was done in the British Open Finals - the first was done by Keith Wylie against Nigel Aspinall in 1971.)

The following reports are extracted from Chris Williams, the Croquet Association, Croquet World Online Magazine and the Nottingham Board.

Open Singles Winner & Runner Ups

Open Doubles Winner & Runner Ups

In July 2008, Ben Rothman and Paul Bennett teamed up to represent the United States on the Solomon Cup in Manchester England played in Heaton Park.  Danny Hunneycutt and Stewart Jackson were fellow team mates along with Ron Lloyd and David Bent.  The US team faired well against the British team in spite of our defeat.  Ben and I were put on the BBC radio news early in the week and Danny Huneycutt, our team captain, was on the BBC TV along with Keith Aiton, the British team captain.  At the end of the tournament, in the last singles match against Stewart, Keith Aiton pulled off a tremendous demonstration of a difficult sextuple SXP peel-out followed by a spectacular octuple OXP peel-out.

The team stayed over to play in the British Open, Ben and I played as doubles partners and made it to the playoffs against fellow teammate Danny Huneycutt and David Goacher.  Danny and David made it to the finals against Robert Fulford and James Death.

In singles, Paul Bennett made it to the third round of playoffs against Johnathan Kirby, and to the semifinals of the plate against Chris Patmore.

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