CROQUET:  A Checklist of Priorities

March-April 1990 and May-June 1995
National Croquet Calendar
by Garth Eliassen

"Before you even hit a ball you should be in the right mood.  Insisting on wining isn't it.  Such a demand puts too much pressure on you before the game has even started and you might be nervous, miss shots, and not think clearly.  Instead of insisting on winning, try being satisfied if you merely play a good game, keeping mistakes to a minimum."

Before Every Game

  1. Just try to play well.
  2. Be satisfied with every shot.
  3. Concentrate on clear thinking rather than great shot-making.

Before Every Turn

  1. Is it really your turn?
  2. Are you playing the right ball?
  3. What wicket are you for?
  4. Who shoots next?  [Not applicable to International Rules.]
  5. Can you do anything for your partner [ball]?

Before Every Shot

  1. Determine the goals.
  2. Choose the priority.
  3. Focus and execute.
  4. Follow intuition.


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