North American Open

Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyard & Winery  Windsor, California

Started by Jacques Fournier, the North American Open was during its early years a traveling event.
Then in 2003, Jacques passed on the running of the tournament to Mike Orgill and the Sonoma Cutrer Croquet Club.

For a few years, the North American Open was held Labor Day weekend,
now it is held in May in conjunction with the Make-a-Wish's charity foundation wine auction
held at the Sonoma-Cutrer Winery, in Windsor, CA.

- Association Rules singles.
- Sterling Silver perpetual trophy cup for winner of main event (best-of-three knockout).
- Plate event for remaining entrants.
- White clothing required.

To enter the tournament, please email or call Mike Orgill.
Payment accepted at the event.


PAST EVENTS  of the North American Open
1999 - Jacques Fournier
2000 - Mik Mehas
2001 - Ed Cunningham
2003 - Leo McBride
2004 - Paul Bennett
2005 - Jim Audas
2006 - Leo McBride
2007 - Johnathan Kirby
2008 - Ben Rothman
2009 - same week as the WCF Championships in Florida

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