MARCA Amateur Radio Club

by Paul Bennett KD7KDO

This is not the official MARCA page, but I am a member and we do have a lot of fun.

My interests have been broadened by being a member of this club and helping out with some of our club's projects.  MARCA is involved with APRS (which I know little about, but isn't that what being an amateur radio HAM is all about?), we support the older DIGIPAN system with repeaters at Mt Elden, Pinal Peak and White Tanks.  We have several 2m, 40 cm and 900 MHz MARCA repeaters in the Maricopa County.  These repeaters are open to the public free of charge.  Many of these sites are located at former Motorola sites: 52nd & McDowell, Hayden & McDowell, Price & Elliott, as well as with guest sites at South Mountain, White Tanks, Pinal Peak and Mt. Elden.  We desire to add an APRS station at Mt. Ord near Four Peaks east of Highway 87.

One of my inspiring events each year is Field Day.  Thank you Don Aldridge WA7RLL, Paul Boyce KJ7KY, Pat Stautberg WA7ZQK, Bill and many others that help make this a truly meaningful 4th weekend of June.  This practice and experience has encouraged me to upgrade from Technician to General and most recently Extra class.

Here are some pictures to help you understand what is involved in some of our activities.  It is not just talking on the radio.
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last updated 27 Aug 2006

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