Welcome to SKYZONA!

A passion for flying, an investment in a Piper Arrow and a relationship with a great flight training school mixes to provide Skyzona with its direction and wings to fly. 

The airplane: N56023 is a Piper Arrow II model PA28R-200, single engine retractable gear airplane ideal for obtaining that complex endorsement or taking a cross-country trip.

The owner:  is a student of aviation.  Paul is a certified private pilot with an instrument rating.

The school: Falcon Field Executive Aviation is located directly next to the new Falcon Field Terminal building near the end of the cul-de-sac.  This FBO provides full service fuel, maintenance and flight school. Falcon Field Aviation.

My instructor:  Mark Culbertson is a long time CFII that helped me get my IFR ticket and my recurrent flight instructions.

But before you go fly ... did you do your pre-flight?
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Defense Notam Service
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