MacRobertson Shield

The MacRobertson Shield is one of the longest events that world class croquet players participate.  The event is held once every 4 years in one of four participating countries: England, Australia, New Zealand and since 1986 United States of America.  Teams of six players are selected by each country's governing body to represent them in the competition during each test match.  Each team plays 3 "tests" against each of the other countries  Each test is played in a set of 21 matches of best of 3 games.  Each player plays 2 singles matches and 3 doubles matches.  The Shield may take as long as three weeks to complete.   It has been contested since 1925.

The United States hosted the latest event in 2017 at Mission Hills country club (located in Rancho Mirage, CA).
The winner was Australia.

Here are a collection of the past scores and results of these tests ... (click on year to find out the detailed record)

MacRobertson Shield
Year Played
Venue Location
Winning team
1925 and on

Great Britain
Great Britain New Zealand
New Zealand Great Britain
Australia Great Britain
1996 Great Britain Great Britain
2000 New Zealand Great Britain
2003 Palm Beach Fl, USA
Great Britain
2006 Australia Great Britain
2010 Great Britain Great Britain
2014 New Zealand New Zealand
2017 Palm Springs, CA Australia

A detailed record (including player and team records)  of the MacRobertson Shield is held on Chris William's croquet records website.  See it here.
last updated, 15 Feb 2018, P. Bennett
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